Enjo.But will his life stay that way when he unknowingly forms a contract with a demon.I will not have a consistent story update so expect a new chapter in anyday..I will also not be taking request.You were considered a Legendary hero for the powers you have, the pr

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My Normal Life with a Demon

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Honestly, with Ashido's bad drawing skills, you were unsure of what it was exactly.' Hopefully, it wouldn't take you long to fall asleep, you had a pretty busy day class wise.Shaking your head, you quickly pricked your finger, wincing as you did, before quickly holding it over the bowl and squeezing it until a few drops of blood landed on the paper—the disgusting feeling coming back but mainly because of the action and not because of the blood itself.Like one of those things that are just put on the Internet.Though, for some reason, this one was more extreme than the ones she had ever had.Doing just that, the candles soon illuminated the room, basically becoming the only light source at this point as you had shut off the lights earlier—not that it'd have made a difference as your living room lights sucked—figuring that was something you should do since they always do that in movies and to at least give the vibe you were actually summoning something even though you fully believed this was fake and were only doing this for Ashido's sake and to prove a point. Osomatsu-san x Reader 【ONESHOTS】. A lot of it anyways is from t.But it was just as you had expected, it appeared the ritual was fake after all and was just one of those crazy Internet things going around.Thankfully, it was only about a three to five minute walk from the college.It appeared to be one of those instances that he'd have to waste his precious time in explaining every damn thing to you, something he despised, and give you a grasp of the situation you had just put yourself into.Sighing, you looked down at the paper in your hands one last time before shaking your head, placing it in your pocket, and grabbing all of your stuff before leaving to go to your own class. But to prove that it's fake. Biting her bottom lip, Yaoyorozu soon shook her head and gave you one last worried look before turning around to go on her way—hoping that the feeling would go away soon and that it wasn't anything to be truly alarmed about.How the hell were you supposed to get a drop of animal's blood.How about one of you try out the ritual? Well.You got back up and carefully, as not to bump into or step on anything, made your way out of the living room though not without one last glance at the area before going upstairs to your room as it was already pretty late when you had started the 'ritual. different.Groggily, you rolled over on your side and grabbed your phone on the night stand before checking the time.So I wouldn't do it.You probably should have probably gotten a pin or something instead of a full-fledged knife as it'd probably heal faster and have hurt less.

.Afin de continuer la publication, veuillez la retirer ou télécharger une autre image.So now if you dont wanna be with me you gonna dead

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fem demon x male reader

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Kidnapped by a neko demon [Male x female] [ASMR] [Roleplay]

She had eliminated thousands of hunters during her long life, as she was one of the most ancient and pure demons that existed.He looked so handsome, as always, Serena thought to herself as she observed him closely..She ran up the black marble stairs, passing by the high crimson pillars that led to the throne room.Seungwoo who usually didn't speak with people at the university since he had no friends was so happy to meet two girls at once.Little did he know, somewhere down below, in the burning fires of hell, there was a female demon who every day waited for him to leave home, so that she can watch over him on his way to the university and back. Of Maleficent. Seungwoo did the same and gave her the small paper note shaking a bit.She sighed, lost in her thoughts about the things she would like to do with him, when she suddenly noticed a new detail.She lied on her back upon the pure and crystal clear grass of paradise and looked up to the blue sky.This part is of great importance Eden so you need to pay attention.The dress was tight on her body and had a turtleneck.She was much shorter than him which made her look cute other than sexy.The little light of the room was coming from the fires burning next to the open floor.A big double door awaited her at the end of the pillared hall, guarded by two demons of the royal order.Leather pants with chains and a pair of black boots.He was taking his usual path to a huge building where he was studying.Seungwoo attended his first class for the day and found an empty seat next to a girl that he had also never seen before.He was nothing like the demons that surrounded her there in hell.Seungwoo ate happily across her, thinking of the girl he met at the library.His tall stature, his crimson silk hair, his beautiful empty eyes, his full lips.Their target is one and the same; take Seungwoo on their side.As she approached his room she heard sounds of whip and moans coming from the inside.He moved closer to the source and his eyes met a ring. Sitting on lap tumblr. He sat down and opened his notebook to write as the professor spoke.Serena looked at the girl who was totally lost in ecstasy and then at Jackson who was holding the whip waiting for the girl's begs to use it more.How she wished she could be touched by him.He wasn't as focused as the other days though, because his mind kept traveling back to that red haired girl he met at the library.She was an apprentice angel under an ancient archangel named Sehun.You have to make sure he never learns about his powers and also bring him to our side.

These stories aren't really my best so don't expect that.Was mom throwing a party? That's a.. A pure boy of my blood.weird reason to cry.A live sacrifice.It was just this random house in this random town

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fem demon

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Here they are in the future, I wonder what adventures await.He was busy doing what all teens would do late at night: playing a healthy dose of video games..They give you an option of either multiple monsters or just a single monster

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Izuki Midoriya Redgrave learned early on the world was not all smiles and sunshine.Trish, Lady and even the surrounding demons all watched with varying degrees of awestruck horror and amazement as Dante's bare hands tore through the other being's flesh, hearing the loud crunch of cartilage and shattering of bones beneath the demon hunter's feet as he stalked his way over, sword at the ready towards the seemingly shell-shocked demons surrounding them.Trish wanted to roll her eyes at both of them.It was adorable, or rather it would be if they had actually gotten together by now.Lady was not going to be able to put this off. Dante really needed to learn to hold his liquor better, otherwise she wouldn't be in this mess. Voltron. The two established an unusual connection with one another via their unique familial ties, with Dante vowing to take care of the mad scholar.The emperor of this world was a powerful being named Mundus.Fucking shit..and dare she say. The air felt charged with some unspoken, unfamiliar emotion.Pushing the last of the demons back, Sparda used his own blood, along with the blood of a human priestess, in conjunction with his sword and a mystical amulet to seal the gateway between worlds, the Temen-ni-gru tower.But with this latest incident and the two of them dragging this on as long as they had, what was adorable was now just exhausting.Under his rule he ordered his legion of monsters to march on the human world, determined to expand his dark kingdom.He was going to be a dad!.A comfortable, familiar silence stretched between them when the smallest semblance of a smirk adorned her face, stepping aside to allow him into her room.His expression very nearly shell-shocked, disbelieving that such an innocent, beautiful little girl could be his.There Dante faced a gauntlet of some of Mundus' most lethal minions, all of whom fell to the Devil Hunter's inordinate and uninhibited strength.Handling villains and occasional demons, his jobs eventually gained him traction as an up and coming pro-hero in the public eye despite him not properly having a quirk; rather it was his careful use of his demon heritage that the public saw.The same guy she shot in the face after catching her midair that one time. She could do this! It was just Dante after all, right.As the centuries slipped on by, the memory of Sparda's deeds and the very existence of demons became little more than folktale to most. Camp camp porn. The darkened blood splattered messily against the pavement.Refusing Dante's help, Vergil allowed himself to fall alone down into the underworld much to his brother's hidden despair.

The flight board announced a flight from (Whatever country you want) landed and now passengers were getting off.I shook my head and entered the kitchen glancing at the clock.Not once I came over to talk to him with his guests around but I'm scared of Rachnera.Learn More Manage your personal settings.Already a deviant? Log In Tricia-of-Mewni Dec 15, 2018 Uh.Anyway! If you like this then be sure to give a Fav and SMACK THAT WATCH BUTTON. A shrek fanfic. She was tall and was wearing business suit.This one is I a request from Psajchol ( ) Well, here you go, man Mono-eye Waifu.I still was at my house as it seems.Smith was at the airport waiting patiently for someone.Poll Ask the community Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all.This one is made and requested by dragonslayerman6.Saki glanced at me before smirking and walking over.Suddenly a dark sphere appeared in Greater Devil's hand and she aimed at Doppel but I put my hands on hers calming her down with blush. Let me introduce myself.Soon enought she leaned in giving me a kiss.She was sound asleep and held me against herself.You're my soul mate, once I started living with you and could be close to you I can see all of the colors this world has to offer.She was simply sitting there so I went back to kitchen and soon eonught I was done.She shoved my head in her chest and well.By the looks of it, she must've moved to your bed during the night and decided to sleep next to you.DA Muro Paint a picture Experiment with DeviantArt?s own digital drawing tools.

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After a moment he slowly nodded, pinching the bridge of his nose.Sure, he did enjoy pranking his friend from time to time, but surely the terror in his voice had to be telling enough.Sure enough, a demon stood in the center of the chalk drawing, looking mildly confused. “Are you really the King of Hell?” The demon laughed, and Alfred desperately wanted to sink right into the ground and disappear. “Uh, yeah. maybe I should have read ahead before doing the spell, there’s a second page. Alejandra sombra. “You’re playing a prank on me, aren’t you.It had to be really bad if Arthur thought he was joking.The vampire-demon shit was certainly freaky, but he had a bigger ordeal to consider: what was he supposed to do with the King of Hell.He opened his mouth to speak, closed it, and then the words spilled out before he could stop them.They sounded foreign and bizarre on his tongue, a dialect clearly not accustomed for human speech.They were seriously fucked. “You see, I do not know much about humans and your lives here,” Ivan continued.Ivan hummed in thought for a moment before snapped his fingers, two gold cuffs appearing in his waiting hand.Alfred and Matthew quickly jumped away from the circle.Heart thumping loudly in his chest, he finally gathered the courage to turn his gaze to the summoning circle, and when he did, his breath caught in his throat. “But fine. “Get on with it then.Can’t I just send you a picture or something?” He whined. Matthew opened his mouth to argue with his brother but was interrupted by a low rumbling, a sound like a freight train getting closer and closer, growing louder and louder with each second.From what he knew of, vampires and demons were not at all related. “But rest assured, I am not.Brilliant photoshopping, by the way. Bloom et sky. Matthew let out an exasperated sigh, shaking his head.” Alfred furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and intrigue.Already it seems much has changed, and I wish to see what this realm has to offer. “How do I know you’re not gonna kill me the second you step out of the summoning circle?” Alfred asked carefully, scanning the demon’s strong features for any sign that he was deceiving him, yet Ivan’s face remained cool and calm, undeterred.I wanted to see if the summoning spell would work,” he admitted, chewing on his bottom lip nervously. “I’m sure he’d be more this happy to tell you.It was completely indecipherable, the ink smeared and blotchy with age and probably one too many cups of tea spilled on it—he’d have to scold Arthur for his horrible drinking habits later.

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female demon x male reader x female angel

Don't get him wrong, Jungkook, on the whole, was a very normal teenager.However, it was clear that he was Jimin's who wouldn't stop talking about the oldest every time he had the opportunity..Yoongi had switched places with Hoseok to take care of Jimin who, lying on his lap, still gave no sign of waking up.Only when they were close enough, Jungkook noticed that Seokjin was carrying Jimin on his back.It was difficult for him to breathe as if someone was putting pressure on his chest. Mikaela Hyakuya & Krul Tepes ideas. Before classes start, he decides to go outside his comfort zone and join the weekend trip that Jimin, his new roommate, will take with his friends.There wasn’t the slightest noise, so he decided to go to rest too.Yoongi was quiet, serious, and somewhat intimidating despite being shorter than the youngest.He knew what this meant, he knew that feeling could only indicate one thing, but he was too scared to even open his eyes.He didn't understand why his body was moving on its own, but every move he made to be closer to the origin of the scent felt just right.The scent was strange and addictive and filled his head in a way that he could only think of wanting to continue enjoying it.In the last row were he and Yoongi, who was sleeping against the window opposite the youngest.The worst thing, the spirit is more like a demon and, on top of that, he’s the most beautiful one he has ever seen.There was something in that place that was just off.Namjoon had only found a small post about forty minutes from where they were on the map and they all agreed to head to the place immediately.

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One such building was an apartment complex, with a sign out front that said, “All Inhuman Entities Welcome!” She snorted under her breath, and pointedly ignored the withering glare Barbatos gave her.Comments: 2 Kudos: 3 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 27. “It’s only a stipend.Barbatos’ voice cut through her train of thought without warning.Five hundred dollars, solely to cover Namurta’s expenses.His frown deepened by the tiniest amount, but it was gone as quickly as it’d appeared. Hdxd. When the human saw the two demons standing in the doorway, her expression lit up and somehow made her look even brighter.Hopefully, she would come to see the error of her ways and develop a greater appreciation for humanity and Diavolo’s dream.The pair of them eventually stood in front of an apartment door, where he lifted a hand to press the doorbell, then simply folded his hands behind his back and waited.Her dark eyes flickered to Barbatos, who was sitting across from her. “You needn’t worry, this isn’t a salary,” the butler was quick to reassure her. “Follow me,” he said, brushing past her and entering the front door of the apartment complex. “Now, the final order of business. ” The smile on Siria’s face became visibly strained, but nevertheless, she squared her shoulders and looked Namurta dead in the eye.She glanced around the area they’d parked, her eyes half-lidded with disinterest.Her stomach churned unpleasantly, and for a moment she was brought back to the Midnight Court—to the seven lords seated before her, calling for her head.

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” But still, the thought is nice.Still, she tracked him to the mountains, but instead of Barbatos, she found the meatsuit he was inhabiting that decomposed quickly due to the elements.He immediately denied any such claim, but I said my dad kept time and would vouch for me.First, some clever, random, or funny fact about our favorite bands.The plan was simple: possess Sam Winchester’s grade school teacher, seduce John Winchester over a matter of months to gain his favor, and then kidnap the child.He’s bleeding bad, right near the center of his abdomen. Bad Neighbors 2. Just a possible means to an end.In numerology, 13 is associated with producing tangible outcomes in the material world.” Elkins heads to the left, not surprising, and goes through a doorway.They research, they experiment, they speak to humans pathetic enough to call themselves demon experts.Basically, an evil witch shapeshifts into that red-eyed goat form at night to feed on livestock and human souls.That begs the question, what does this guy want with us. “It’s probably a conversation suitable for indoors.He sighs heavily before answering.I relied HEAVILY on the show's scripts for guidance, even more so than my other fics, because I was young and I didn't know what it meant to write fan fiction.Halley’s Comet was in the sky in October 1835.A Huay Chivo is basically what would happen if a Chupacabra and a minotaur had a disgusting love child. She died in his nursery.” Dad’s friend Caleb Buckner mentioned descriptions of the Colt, and it always sounds like a Paterson.

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female demon x male reader

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